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7-15-17 #MIIS

Its a mail it in Saturday as we are on our way to vacation. it was only Quise and Jason they talked twitter beefs Floyd/Conor, ESPYs, Quise has a movie Idea And Mike Valenti possibly going to New York


6-3-17 Masturception

In the Preshow:

Jason and Quise discuss Station bathroom etiquette, and Jason gets a ticket but cause of White Privledge probably wont be punished


In the actual show:

Wilson wants to see everyone naked, Tiger Woods, Quise solve baseball fights, Jason talks Stanley Cup Final, the gang does a spelling Bee, have you ever shared someone elses nudes, Bill Maher,and Angies NBA Finals game 1 notes


5-27-17 Optimism Prime

In the Pre Show: Quise and Jason talk Calvin Johnsons relationship with the Lions, is Chris Oshood a Hall of Famer and Jason is annoyed with his roommate video game playing.

In the actual show: Angie is one of our best Female cohosts in show history, an 11 year old snitch, Quise may be a tad to optimistic about Americas future, why don't "white" sports like personality, and because Yano sports Jason Talks NHL Final and Quise talks NBAFinals, and Angie asks the boys if they've ever been in a fight


5-20-17 Youth Serum