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10-8-16 Quisesus Walks

Ryan came in and hung out we talk how we lost our virginity, we talk Lions, Clowns, Get out trailer, NHL, Kyles Hot Sister, Week 4 picks with Mer, and Mer stays on for the last segment


10-1-16 Back Farts

We talk Pistons Potential Move downtown, Week 4 picks with Mer, NFL Talk, Whos ass is better Iggy or Lady Gaga (only 1 real winner here thats #PBJ), Lions, Social Issues, Baby Herpes, and dinosaur sex, and we have a podcast exsclusive


9-24-16 Psycopathic Anarchist

We beg for better show descriptions, talk Lions loss vs the Titans,NFL, The police shootings, we play a game of "Know Your Racist", Mer chimes in with her take on BLM we do week3 picks and we talk teacher who beat up his student over weed money


9-10-16 End Edit

We try our hand at Facebook Live, Talk more protesting, we do a lions Preview and Week 1 picks


7-23-16 Divorce Papers

Were Back!!!!! Mer serves Quise with Divorce papers and takes a shot at him, Format Change at 105.1, NBA Free Agency, Tim Duncan Retiring, Doug Christies wife, Civil Unrest, fuckery at the RNC , Montage of Fuckery, Jasons Meth Notes  and Quise and Mer continue to feud on air.


Voice of the Lions Dan Miller

So this weeks show was Lost in the wind but check out the interview we did with Lions Play by Play voice Dan Miller