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6-16-18 Still Hate-Listening? (Back Like we never left)

First off shout out to the  new listeners to the show. We hope you enjoy the art. And after youre done  feel free to stick around and enjoy our little world. We love and appreciate the downloads and were sure youve loved every single word youve heard so far.

Anyways Were Back Mofos the Gangs lives have changed alot in the last 3 Weeks, Baby Boy Braxin hangs with us,  we talk NBA Finals NHL Final and we catch up on the last month in sports headlines and we go to the wheel to talk killer robots, Nicki Minaj and Eminem and reparations coffee

Enjoy the show Herbs


5-19-18 Jason vs a Geek

We start off with Quise wondering what is housing options are. Ashley Nicole joins us to talk sports and her and Jason have a nerd-off and we talk sports betting


5-5-18 The Fostacrchy

2 man show we talk NHL Playoffs, Washington racial slurs and their cheerleaders, Quise wont stop talking about the Fosters, and Kanye dives off the deep end.


4-28-18 4 Star Podcast

Ballsrog and Chris sat in with us, we talk Bill Cosby, NBA Playoffs Ballsrog do Kanye tweets and we rate each other


3-31-18 Whats Brunch?

We try and find the reason for brunch, We preview the Final Four, Limited fake Roger explains why we ned to better name our shows, Quise is out chea crying watching ABC Family and other shows, Wison asked questions to Angies boyfriend, limited fake Angie, lilited fake Roger and limited fake Keanu Reeves make lunch plans, and Angie gives us her thoughts on Stormy Daniels


Bi-Issual (And Daddy’s back)

Our fearless leader is back and we have 2 guests. We review last weeks show, are we normalizing actual tragedies, the heroine funeral, NBA Talk, we see how well we know grocery stores, and buttplay for it or against it?


3-17-18 Fanarchy 2.0 (F*ck Quise)

Our fearless leader was being held hostage by the italian Mob so Jason Wilson and Angie along with Ashley joined us. We ask ourselves if we can do it with out Quise, Wilson talks NCAA and NFL, Angie brings us the long anticipated Newlyweds game, More Parkland fallout, and Whats the worst lie weve ever told in a relationship


3-10-18 Joint Bank Account

Wilson Finally takes a big step in his Marriage, Quise Gets buried for buying a TV, Sports and Depression, Why the NBA is the fastest growing sport, Kansas City Royals are Anti-Porn, Angie gets Emotional as she talks about her dad, Did OJ confess to the murders, Wilson is scared to dirty talk so we called his wife to help, and Who wants to be a sex robot tester?


3-3-18 Corny Sophmoric Humor

Mer joins us to open the show Coach MegaKlon hangs with us. We talk Jason and Rogers TOTALLY heterosexual man-date to Black Panther, Our top baseball informationalist, Quise still rails on Pat Caputo and 97.1 and thinks we are better than Dave and Chuck, Racist Jeopardy, and Hip Hops Pill Culture and its affect on teens


2-24-18 Black Jasons Matter

We start off with a message from our new little friend Zander. We have Black Jason and Mer hanging out we talk family change, Dallas Mavericks sex scandal Bubba Watson, fallout from the Parkland shootings, NBA changes, Jason helps us understand the recent Red Wings Trade and we go to the wheel and see what it brings us